Web Application Vulnerability Assessment

The Web Application Vulnerability Assessment is designed to discover weaknesses in your web applications. Our tests and recommendations will allow you to optimise your company’s security posture and be confident that your web applications are protected safe and secure.

Cyber Security Hive's security professionals are over 10+ years experienced and have the knowledge and caliber to execute complex applications and network infrastructure. Our experts are certified, trained, and have performed plenty of assessments ranging from medium to complex application architectures.

Our Approach and methodology is quite different from traditional cyber security companies in the world. We focus a lot on manual assessments and leverage the automation/open source tools to identify issues in your application.

Cyber Security Hive is the best web application vulnerability assessment company, in India, UAE, Dubai. Our process of web application vulnerability assessment is a two cycle approach. For cycle one we find the vulnerabilities in your application and we provide you with detailed information of the vulnerability with proper steps to reproduce. In Cycle 2 of web application vulnerability assessment we recheck the issues and do a regression testing of your web application and provide you with a detailed closure report.

Our Methodology

Our Approach

Mandatory checks performed by our security experts


Business Benefits

Reduces risk and improves control of security related incidents and threats.

Identification of critical assets, real-risk, and mitigation planning.

Protection of critical IT assets.

Validates the effectiveness of existing infrastructure.

Web applications play a vital role in business processes.

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We also provide vulnerability management where we maintain a database of defects found in the system. Cyber security hive is Best web application vulnerability assessment company because we provide Best web application vulnerability assessment services with quality, extensive, exhaustive, and in-depth/exhaustive testing of your application Best VAPT company in India, Dubai, UAE, USA.